Sing Along With DJ Carlos Cool C!

Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen everything at a wedding, we have this video of DJ Carlos Cool C leading a table of guests–particularly one passionate lady–serenading this happy couple. We’ll give them the thumbs up too! (And that woman a recording contract.)

At the Waterstone Resort & Marina on April 3.


Ellie and Mike–as Entertained by DJ Buddy and DJ Kat

What could possibly be more fun and perfect than DJ Buddy providing the entertainment for your wedding? How about having DJ Buddy and his lovely wife, DJ Kat, working as a team? Here they are introducing our newest couple, Ellie and Mike!

At Let’s Party, we know there’s nothing like a married couple to know what entertains a married couple–as well as their family and friends. Sometime during the night, Buddy and Kat happened to get a conga line going. Note the partygoer giving DJ Buddy a shoutout.

DJ Buddy and DJ Kat had a fantastic time performing for Ellie and Mike–their enthusiasm rubbed off on our DJ couple and we know vice versa too. Thank you for having us! At the Waterstone Boca Resort on March 12.