Couple’s Corner: Top 25 Wedding Planning Tips From Newlyweds

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DJ Buddy says, “Weddings are a big part of what we do, and I personally love them. This may be the very best article I’ve seen – written by couples like you!” Heather Sharpe of gathered brides from all over to help you make sure you’ll be having the wedding of your dreams. Check out those tips here. Happy planning!

Couple’s Corner: 7 Things NOT to DIY at Your Wedding (Yes, That Includes Your DJ)

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We know, we know. Both of you are on a tight budget and having a wedding ain’t exactly cheap. Maybe you plan on having the nupitals at your parents’ house, get your Aunt Jenny to help with the decor, and Uncle Fred to do video-on-the-go. All in the name of making that sticker shock just slightly less shocking. We get it. But here at LET’S PARTY, we also know that often, the best value comes in leaving it to the professionals. Because after all, don’t you want to enjoy your wedding day? So while we’re all for your BFF planning the stag party, we ask you to listen to the experts at Bridebox, who let you know what seven things to definitely NOT DIY at your wedding.

(By the way, that goes triple for DJing your own wedding. Leave the iPod for the office and the gym.)

Of course, we at LET’S PARTY can steer you in the right direction to help you with the wedding of your dreams while making sure you have plenty of money left over to blow on your honeymoon or fix your dream home. Call us at (561) 251-0810 and let us know what you need. We’re here to help!

Couple’s Corner: How To Find a Great Wedding Photographer

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As the old saying goes, throw a stone in any direction and you’re going to hit at least ten photographers. Okay, maybe that’s not an old saying, but the fact remains that those who specialize in wedding photography are everywhere. Just a localized Google search will likely turn up dozens, if not hundreds, of names. How to tell who is just right for you, your theme, your budget? Of course you could go by recommendations (and you should), but there are other things to look out for. What worked for your BFF may not be your cup of tea. Our friends at The Knot have some hints for you to get started here.

(Don’t forget, we at LET’S PARTY can help you out with photography along with your music and entertainment. Feel free to ask about photo packages when you call us at (561) 251-0810 or email at!)

Bride’s Corner: 103 Songs For Your Wedding Morning Playlist


Sure, your DJ (with help from you and your groom) already has the music picked out for the cocktail hour and dinner. Your reception time playlist to pump up your party is all set to go. But what about before you say, “I do”? From waking up to getting pumped up to counting down to those last moments before you walk down the aisle, check out this playlist from the authors of

Bride’s Corner: New Cocktails For Your Autumn Wedding


Even down here in Florida, we appreciate fall wedding cocktails. (Hey, we do have that cooler night on occasion.) Whether your catering service includes a bartender, or it’s a DIY affair with your cousin behind the bar, give one of these recipes to your mixologist for something different from your regular spirit-and-soda. Try a Pumpkin Spice Cocktail, an Apple Cider Margarita, or my personal favorite, a Pumpkin White Russian. Pssst…you don’t even have to have one on your wedding day. Check out the entire list on The Knot.

Bride’s Corner: 10 Hot New Wedding Trends for 2015!

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While we can certainly provide the entertainment, the photo and video, and the fun, your theme is totally up to you! From foodie trends to the latest apps to the return of formal dress weddings, Lauren Kay of The Knot has the scoop on bridal trends for 2015 here.

(P.S. LET’S PARTY doesn’t offer drones…yet…but rest assured we’re working on it. 😉 )

Bride’s Corner: Three Ways To Include Your Furry Best Friend In Your Wedding

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Your pets are as just as much a part of your family as everyone else! Why not find a way to include them in your ceremony as well? After you check your favored venue’s policy on animals (or maybe you chose your venue based on their animal policy first), check out what Christina Lee from Style Me Pretty suggests here.

Bride’s Corner: 6 Tips To Not Break The Bank on a Bridal Shower

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As a busy bridesmaid, you want to watch your budget but still want to throw that memorable shower both the bride and her guests will be proudly showing off on all forms of social media. DIY can be fun and unique! Check out what Rachel Schwartz, Owner and Designer of The Black Rose in Santa Monica, CA, has for starting ideas here.

Bride’s Corner: Six Life-Saving Items Every Bride Needs To Solve a Wedding Day Emergency

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That gorgeous, unique wedding dress. Of course you take the best care to make sure it’s in pristine condition on your wedding day, but even the most careful brides could accidentally get a snag or spill a drop of red wine. What can you do? Don’t panic. Check out these tips from and you’ll be ready for anything.