Monica’s Quinceanera

monica 4-1-2016

(photo credit: Rich Goldman–Let’s Party Photography)

Surrounded by our dancers Kyra and Deedz, happy Quinceanera girl Monica strikes a pose of fabulousness. Not just music and dancing, but we also supplied the photo booth and props as well as the uplighting to make Monica look….not to repeat a word already used but….fabulous! Thank you to Monica and her family–it was an honor to be there to celebrate with you. At the Woodfield Country Club on April 1.

Habla Espanol? Of course–this is South Florida after all! We have many DJs to choose from to make that quinceanera or Latino wedding the day of your dreams. Llamada (561) 251-0810 y pregunta por DJ Carlos, DJ Izzy, DJ Xavier, DJ Cesar o DJ Eddie!


Couple’s Corner: 7 Things NOT to DIY at Your Wedding (Yes, That Includes Your DJ)

DIY brooch

(photo credit:

We know, we know. Both of you are on a tight budget and having a wedding ain’t exactly cheap. Maybe you plan on having the nupitals at your parents’ house, get your Aunt Jenny to help with the decor, and Uncle Fred to do video-on-the-go. All in the name of making that sticker shock just slightly less shocking. We get it. But here at LET’S PARTY, we also know that often, the best value comes in leaving it to the professionals. Because after all, don’t you want to enjoy your wedding day? So while we’re all for your BFF planning the stag party, we ask you to listen to the experts at Bridebox, who let you know what seven things to definitely NOT DIY at your wedding.

(By the way, that goes triple for DJing your own wedding. Leave the iPod for the office and the gym.)

Of course, we at LET’S PARTY can steer you in the right direction to help you with the wedding of your dreams while making sure you have plenty of money left over to blow on your honeymoon or fix your dream home. Call us at (561) 251-0810 and let us know what you need. We’re here to help!

Bar Mitzvahs–Family friendly, fee friendly, FUN!!

Bar Mitzvahs? Oh yeah! Check out this montage of parties we’ve recently done featuring DJ Buddy, DJ “Danny Kayne”, dancer Gladys G-Sparxx, and dozens of happy families. Then call us at (561) 251-2810 or email and ask for DJ Buddy or Katrina. We work with your theme and your budget!

Our Palm Beach/Broward County area DJ/MC/dancer combo packages go from $1595. Ask about our lighting and photo packages too! As with all events, we are background verified and fully insured.

Rozanna and Lucas–a Blend of Traditions

As we pride ourselves on being a full-service entertainment company, we at LET’S PARTY make sure to have all the tunes brides and grooms want to hear, from the latest top 40 hits to classic malt shop oldies to Sinatra and Elvis to…international tunes? Yes, we do! Rozanna and Lucas wanted their mix to be a combination of Indian, Brazilian, and American traditions. DJ Buddy, the maestro of all things music, delivered!

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect for a wedding! Rozanna and Lucas’ family and friends were there to celebrate along with them on a sunny day in the Fern Forest Nature Center, along the many beautiful trees. As the afternoon went on, the party moved to the Royal Fern Hall, where we caught the happy couple at the end of the night. Thank you for having us be there with you to celebrate!

Ellie and Mike–as Entertained by DJ Buddy and DJ Kat

What could possibly be more fun and perfect than DJ Buddy providing the entertainment for your wedding? How about having DJ Buddy and his lovely wife, DJ Kat, working as a team? Here they are introducing our newest couple, Ellie and Mike!

At Let’s Party, we know there’s nothing like a married couple to know what entertains a married couple–as well as their family and friends. Sometime during the night, Buddy and Kat happened to get a conga line going. Note the partygoer giving DJ Buddy a shoutout.

DJ Buddy and DJ Kat had a fantastic time performing for Ellie and Mike–their enthusiasm rubbed off on our DJ couple and we know vice versa too. Thank you for having us! At the Waterstone Boca Resort on March 12.

Aiden’s Bar Mitzvah

Family-friendly, fee-friendly bar mitzvahs. Like the insurance commercial would say, it’s what we do. Watch “DJ Kayne” and one of our dancers whip Aiden and his friends into an enthusiastic line dance. As the song says, the party’s just begun!


Later on, Aiden would lead a line of gentlemen in his own line dance. DJ Buddy was behind the decks.

Aiden's Bar Mitzvah

(Photo credit: RKG Photography)

Thank you to Aiden’s family for hosting us and letting us help celebrate his special day! At the Westchester Country Club in Boynton Beach on February 27.

Couple’s Corner: How To Find a Great Wedding Photographer

say cheese

As the old saying goes, throw a stone in any direction and you’re going to hit at least ten photographers. Okay, maybe that’s not an old saying, but the fact remains that those who specialize in wedding photography are everywhere. Just a localized Google search will likely turn up dozens, if not hundreds, of names. How to tell who is just right for you, your theme, your budget? Of course you could go by recommendations (and you should), but there are other things to look out for. What worked for your BFF may not be your cup of tea. Our friends at The Knot have some hints for you to get started here.

(Don’t forget, we at LET’S PARTY can help you out with photography along with your music and entertainment. Feel free to ask about photo packages when you call us at (561) 251-0810 or email at!)

Bride’s Corner is now Couple’s Corner!

We heard you loud and clear! We’ve been hearing from a lot of grooms as well as partners in same-sex couples who mentioned how involved they were in the planning process. As a result, our monthly feature, Bride’s Corner will now be called Couple’s Corner going forward!

We at Let’s Party hope you have been finding our Bride’s Corner features fun and informative. There’s many more to come!