Don’t Get Married (On that Date!)

 There is a lot of superstition that surrounds numbers.  13 – unlucky! 7 – lucky! 3’s – well, “good and bad luck” comes in them.

 Certainly you can create patterns (no matter how thinly threaded) and believe something or not.  However, I want to help you with real numbers:  the hundreds and thousands in your wedding budget!

 The last dozen years or so have seen a spate of dates fall with consecutive or repetitive numbers 1/1/01, 2/2/02 on up to 11.11.11.  This year’s “big wedding day” is 12-13-14.

 And you might be paying for it – in real numbers, and in quality. 

 I personally liken these dates to something similar to “New Years Eve.” 

New Years Eve is a much hyped night that most every place serving food, drink, and entertainment charges premium fees (often double) to serve what might amount to service & product that is the same, and on some occasions sub-standard to what is available all year round!

Have you ever noticed that right after the holidays, the price for every gift you wanted goes down?  That is because the demand has lessened.  Often time a retailer will give bargains, 2-for-1’s, or add-ons at no additional cost.

The wedding business is no different and applying this principle can save you and your guests big money on food, services, and travel!

Did you know that many vendors & facilities will offer discounts for a Friday or Sunday wedding?  Do you know that they will sometime DEEPLY discount fees for a weekday wedding? 

Typically a weekday wedding may not be ideal.  However, we live in South Florida – one of the great vacation & holiday destinations in the world!  It is actually and ideal place to consider a wedding on a night other than a Saturday as it is the type of place where so many of our long distance family and friends want to visit for vacation.  Why settle for a good time for just one night, when it can last up to several days?!

Now, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade here, but I want you to be educated, and hopefully SAVE too!

Ultimately, it’s your choice.  We’re always happy to be with you for your next affair. 

By the way, let us know what you’re doing on 5-10-15.  While the date sounds kind of neat, keep in mind it’s also Mother’s Day.  


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