Michelle and Nick

When DJ Buddy got an energetic testimonial from the happy couple, he forgot to press record. Oops.  Fortunately, Nick and Michelle were so thrilled with us, they e-mailed Buddy from their honeymoon at Disney World. Congratulations and a special THANK YOU!


The Most Important Part of Your Wedding Besides YOU!


Did you ever attend an event and say:

The answer is NO, NOT EVER. On a per-person basis your DJ/MC is one of the least expensive, but most important parts of your day. Hopefully you have a wedding only once.   A good DJ/MC often has them over 100 times PER-YEAR. It’s important you choose experience, professionalism, a proven track record, and a degree of recognition in the industry.  It’s easy to find someone with a “great music collection” and “really neat equipment.”  There’s plenty of it dirt cheap on Craigslist listed by recently out-of-business “inexpensive” DJs.

Choose an individual or company who can run an event for the entire affair.  Choose a DJ who can reflect your taste and still make it fun for all.  It is important your DJ/MC have all the timing down, but can improvise for last minute changes.  Choose someone who can work with your vendors, keeping each informed throughout the event.  YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT ANY OF THIS ON YOUR “BIG DAY.”

Finally, think of your event based on 100 guests:

Chicken, String Beans, Bar Reception Venue Bar with Tax/Service is OVER $14,000 that’s $140.00 per person!

Centerpieces – Average in 2011 – $2,000! At 10 tables, that’s $20.00 per person!

Photography – while important – few people see it! $3,000 – that’s $30.00 per person!

An average South Florida DJ may be $800 – $1,000, while a “higher” priced South Florida Wedding DJ may be $1,200 – $1500” for 4-6 hours. A GREAT DJ/MC is ONLY $8 – $15 dollars per person!!  

This is not a day to “take chances.”  Cut back on carrot sticks, chair covers, or the valet parking. The right DJ/MC will unquestionably make the difference between a great event or a bad one!

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